A very skilled sales team is a great advantage and with the necessary tools its performance improves dramatically. With the right, innovative tools it skyrockets.

Discount & Sales Cannel Optimization Features


Intelligent Discount Policy

Smart management of your discount policy to save and recover margins and leave less money on the table. Access historical information concerning discounting agreements, clients’ acquisition history and supplementary data to improve decisions regarding the applied discounts.


Sales Channel Optimization

Speed up your quote-to-sale process with the help of a smart and automated solution that empowers you to be the first to answer your clients’ requests. Rationalize and act with clarity inside your sales channel from approving a discount to sending a personalized deal contract.


Strengthen the Productivity of Your Sales Team

The automation and accelerated execution of the administration part of a sales process frees sales teams time. Extra availability to contact more clients and less efforts spent on papers work.


Synergy with Business Analytics App

Discount & Sales Channel Optimization solution delivers improved results when used in combination with our Business Analytics App, as the quality of data and analytics are crucial for sales optimization.

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