Make better data based decisions and faster!

The right solution to improve the quality of decisions backed by strong algorithms and data science. Qualitative and quantitative insights together with careful tracking of past decisions and correct alignment with the current ones to achieve a high level of coherence while improving your clients’ experience.

Governance Frame Tracking Features


Streamlined Decision Making Process

Simplifying and reducing the length in time of the decision making process proves to have a great impact on businesses. They grant a higher agility and ability to adapt to the ever changing economic environment and increasingly sophisticated clients’ demands.


Coherent Approval Workflow

A clearly organized and correctly defined approval flow is the core foundation of an efficient decision making process. Our solution helps you build an adapted approval workflow in a matter of minutes.


Solid Risk Management

Risks identification and assessment in due time is vital in many cases for the profitability of a company. As they allow the implementation of active measures for their diminution or even elimination.


Synergy with Risk & Decision App

Governance Frame Tracking produces synergistic effects in combination with our Risk & Decision App for superior decision process output.

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