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Effects of strong Business Analytics on ROI

+40 % Sales

Anticipate a direct impact on revenues

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Impact of solid Commercial & Pricing Strategy on ROI

+45 % EBITDA

Adequate strategies to sustain the pursuit of profitability

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Impact of ameliorated Risk & Decision Making on ROI

75 % savings

Reduce risks and optimize the decision making process

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Obtain an edge and stay on top with actionable insights! Valyia aims to be the secret weapon that empowers your business to adapt, evolve and ultimately strive in the business environment.


Predefined indicators and analytics

Leverage on your datasets to grasp meaningful insights and explore potential opportunities identified.


Commercial and pricing strategies templates

The quintessence of the best available models of commercial and pricing strategy at one click distance.


Best practices for 15 industries

Integrate your industry’s best practices and adapt them to your business.

Personalized Seamless Solutions

Integrated solutions to solve all your pain points, plus the necessary support under one roof. Hunt for striking results!

CVD Pricing Model impact on ROI

+30 % EBITDA

Our trademarked pricing model is ready to help your business reach new profit benchmarks.

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Governance Frame Tracking impact on ROI

75 % savings

Increase dramatically the quality of your decisions while shrinking the involved lead time.

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Discounts & Sales Channel Optimization impact on ROI

+25 % savings

Improve the sales channel management and the discount policies to capture the entire deliverable value.

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Price Increases Calibration impact on ROI

+15 % EBITDA

Prices modifications adjusted in function of the opportunities, risks and your business objectives.

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Value Driven Technology

Create, unlock and protect the value of your business. Our products and solutions have been designed to do so. Let them show you how!

Our experienced team is ready to accept and solve any challenges that your business might face.

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We are faithful to our customer centric approach and consider each client as a valued partner. Your success is our success and your business interests come first!

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Based on our comprehensive expertise we aim to build products and solutions that excel and overdeliver.

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Our team of expert consultants has proven experience across various industries. Each industry is approached based on its own particularities, specificities and challenges.

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Industries Supported

Still in doubt? No matter your industry, our user friendly technology is ready to deliver. Optimize your strategy, evaluate your risks and make better, faster decisions today!

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Private Equity

Portfolio Companies
EBITDA improvements; Performance improvement; Efficiency: Process, Costs, Organization
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Venture Capital

Portfolio Companies
Pricing Innovation products & services; Pricess Design; Sales Channel Optimization
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Importers, OEM, OES, National Sales companies, wholesalers ( outside Benelux ); Sales Distribution & Governance; Managing pricing for thousands to millions of products; Pricing Tools and softwares.
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Oil & Gas

Exploration ( Upstream) & Drilling
Exploration ( Upstream); Value proposition; Tenders, Bids, Projects & service pricing; Pricing Software: Track & calibrate offers with your historical data
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Pricing Innovation; Saas pricing Models; Bundling & Unbundling pricing strategy
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Tenders & Bids Pricing: Extract full value of your data and ensure real profit; Pricing Software & tools: manage easily multiple bids; Profitability & Yield optimization.
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Specialty Chemicals
Value based pricing; Product portfolio optimization; Pricing Software & tools; Reduce decision lead time
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Pricing software & Tools; Dynamic Pricing; Discounts & Promotions optimizations; Sales channels & Distribution; 4. Reduce decision lead time
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Easily manage thousands to millions of products; Governance & decision lead time reduction; Priicng projects & Bids : unlcoik the value of your historical data
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