Why is it all-important for you to make customer service and customer experience a constant priority in your company?

For starters, your customers’ patronage primarily keeps you in business. Their money takes care of your salary, those of your workers, and all other expenses.

Happy customers are more likely to help your business build credibility and rake in more sales. On top of that, research has shown that an estimated 77{d276928901c57b7062185aaa9552c09c7de7b924056fa01df854cf39d287b879} of customers will encourage a friend to give a company a try if they have a satisfying experience.

A different study also shows why you can’t afford to neglect your customer service at any point in time.

The study reports that shoppers value experiences far higher than products and prices. Also, 86{d276928901c57b7062185aaa9552c09c7de7b924056fa01df854cf39d287b879} of customers confirmed they don’t mind spending more if a company delivers high on customer experience and has exceptional customer service.

What do all these tell you as a business owner? To keep your customers coming back for more, you MUST strive to give your customers or clients a seamless experience every single time they come your way.

So let’s dive in to see how you can achieve that.

Develop Smart Strategies for Retaining Customers

As much as you’re working hard to acquire new customers, YOU MUST WORK EVEN HARDER to keep your existing customers.

If you want to know why, take a look at the graph below, showing the average cost that some industries spend just to acquire one customer.

Going by the above illustration, you can see that it will cost a company in the hardware sector about $1,820 to acquire 10 new customers — a very costly sum, but it has to be spent.

Across several industries, it’s expensive to acquire customers. That’s why once you get a customer, you must do all you can to keep them.

Two other reasons why you need to up your customer retention game can be found in the next two research:

  • First, a research by Gartner Group revealed that 80{d276928901c57b7062185aaa9552c09c7de7b924056fa01df854cf39d287b879} of most companies come from 20{d276928901c57b7062185aaa9552c09c7de7b924056fa01df854cf39d287b879} of their existing customers.
  • Bain & Co released a report that made businesses see that just a small 5{d276928901c57b7062185aaa9552c09c7de7b924056fa01df854cf39d287b879} increase in their customer retention could yield profits as ⦁ high as 95{d276928901c57b7062185aaa9552c09c7de7b924056fa01df854cf39d287b879}⦁ .

Now that you’ve seen the huge dividends of customer retention, how do you go about making old customers stick to you like a leech?

There are many ways you can do that, and some of them are:

  • Try to pick up signs of annoyance or dissatisfaction in customers on time.
  • Target customers/clients with coupons and special offers.
  • Reward your VIP (most profitable) customers.
  • Personalize follow-ups to customers.
  • Keep follow-up promises.

Seek Customer Feedback with Surveys

To provide superb customer service and experience, you first have to understand their pain points, needs, and experience while interacting with your brand.

For these, it is crucial you provide multiple channels for your customers to give their feedback. It can be through feedback forms sent by email or telephone surveys.

For online businesses, the best method to successfully obtain feedback from a customer is by surveys. When conducting a survey, structure your question to glean the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences customers had with your company.

Then use that information to know which areas of your brand need to be strengthened and which ones need to be changed. Popular survey tools you can use include:

  • SoGoSurvey
  • SurveyGizmo
  • ZohoSurvey
  • SurveyPlanet

To encourage customers to take your survey and also to show them you appreciate their effort and value their time, offer them incentives like gift cards, vouchers, etc.

Empower Your Customer Service Team

Improving your company’s customer service starts with building a reliable customer support team. No Al element or tool will ever compensate for an unskilled workforce.

When hiring customer service personnel, you need to look out for people that have the right temperament and skills. You won’t stop at that alone.

You also have to organize periodic training for your customer support representatives to

  • Brush up their communication skills.
  • Reinforce patience and empathy.
  • Teach them about your products and services.

How to Improve and Optimize Your Customer Service

Why is it all-important for you to make customer service a constant priority in your company? For starters, your customers’ patronage keeps you in business. Their money takes care of your salary, those of your workers, and all other expenses.


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